National Apprenticeship Week 2020

GSSllp have a strong tradition in training and developing its staff, and in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2020 we took the opportunity to recognise the achievements our quantity surveying apprentice, Jacob Widmann-Oliver.

Jacob is in his fourth year on the RICS accredited Chartered Surveyor Apprenticeship at Nottingham Trent University. The course is relatively new, and Jacob is going to be one of the first to graduate.

Jacob said “I am really benefiting from my apprenticeship at GSSllp as I am able to gain practical experience through the range of projects which I work on, both independently and collaboratively with my team. I can learn from and experience scenarios in real time with the support of my colleagues, in a way that could not be replicated in a purely academic environment. Working on a range of different projects, from small-scale developments to multi-million-pound commercial and public developments, also gives me a much broader range of knowledge to draw from in my academic work.

So far my apprenticeship has offered mutual benefit to me and the Practice. I have gained invaluable experience in a professional environment, whilst progressing my academic qualifications. Equally the Practice can maintain continuity in personnel and have an influence in shaping the future of the profession.”

“Jacob was enrolled on a part time degree at Nottingham Trent when he joined us, and when the apprentice scheme was introduced, he asked if he could switch to this course” says GSSllp Partner Paul Vega. “We investigated this further and could instantly see the benefits of doing so, one being the apprenticeship sees the apprentice continue through to chartership, as opposed to merely ending once the student has achieved their honors degree. This is both beneficial for us, as it helps us ensure a better qualified workforce, and the student with their professional development”.

Not only are there obvious financial benefits associated with apprenticeships, they also offer the apprentice valuable on the job training and experience. Jacob has been able to get involved at all stages of the commercial process, from project inception and working on site, through to project completion and beyond. This has given him the chance to gain a breadth of practical experience and a network of industry contacts, all whilst gaining the academic qualifications which underpin his work.

At GSSllp we support apprentices by ensuring that they are afforded sufficient time to undertake their academic study, external review sessions and mentoring. We consider the apprenticeship route to be a great way for young people to enter the surveying profession. Apprenticeships are a two-way commitment; for the long-term professional development of an apprentice and also the Practice, particularly in terms of staff retention and attracting new talent into the industry and the business to help sustain a knowledgeable and qualified staff base.